New ship winch for sand and gravel hopper

A new ship winch for a large sand and gravel hopper, developed and realized completely in-house.

For one of our clients in the shipping industry, we developed and built a completely new winch for controlling the suction pipe on a large sand and gravel hopper.

Surveying and engineering.

First, we measured the available physical space on the ship’s deck and determined the required capacity of the winch in consultation with the customer. After this, we entered the engineering phase, where a technical design was created by us including CAD drawing and 3D visualization.

Configuration with a planetary gearbox.

A planetary gearbox was chosen as the winch drive, which, among other things, is equipped with a brake. The configuration of this was customized and worked out in cooperation with the manufacturer Reggiana Riduttori. This winch delivers a capacity of up to 125,000 Newton meters, which is more than sufficient for the capacity demand of the application on board the ship.

Local collaboration partners.

Working with some of our local collaboration partners, the entire steel structure was completed and then given a multi-coat paint system for proper protection.

From A to Z realized in-house.

After all the components were ready and available, we assembled, built and assembled the winch in-house. Last month it was put on board by us and installed on the existing hydraulic motor.

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