New construction of hydraulic system on mobile shiploader

We realised the complete hydraulic system of a unique and challenging project.

Namely, the largest bulk shooter (mobile ship loader) in Europe.

The complete installation was built by our client Meyland, as a project for Antwerp-based Euroports.

So what exactly is a bulk shooter?

A bulk shooter is a mobile ship loader designed for dust-free loading of fertilisers to ships.

This one is the largest currently operational in Europe and can load Panamax vessels, among others. Its size and capacity are impressive: A height of 30 metres and a weight of 280 tonnes, with a handling capacity of 1,000 tonnes of fertiliser per hour.

Bulk products are dumped via crane or conveyor belt into a hopper with batch weigher. After which it is taken to a height of 30 metres and unloaded into the ship’s hold via an extendable and rotating telescopic conveyor, with loading bellows.

Engineering and realisation of the hydraulic system.

Hydroos developed and realised the entire hydraulic system, from A to Z. In the design phase, we provided the engineering of the hydraulic system, including an HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit), pumps, motors and piping.

All hydraulic piping was CNC-bent and supplied by us, as well as all other required hydraulic components. During construction of the bulk shooter, we took care of assembly, installation and finishing until delivery to the customer.

Focus on powering and controlling the system.

The hydraulic system is mainly for the undercarriage, wheel drive and steering mechanism. The bulk shooter does not move on rails, but is mobile. The installation has 16 wheels (8 steering axles), 12 of which are hydraulically driven and steerable. In addition, among other things, a hydraulic outrigger system has been provided, which stamps the installation while it is operational.

The control of the installation is fully PLC-controlled, which involved intensive cooperation between our team and Meyland engineers, who developed and built this bulk shooter on behalf of Euroports.

Always level, due to smart technology.

A clever piece of engineering we developed for this machine:

Software additionally ensures that the bulk shooter travels level at all times. All unevenness of up to 30 centimetres is taken care of by the hydraulic system. By transferring oil from one wheel set to another, the wheel heights can be adjusted to compensate for any uneven terrain.

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