Hydraulic wheel drive agricultural machinery

We recently realised a hydraulic drive unit, which will be used for wheel drive of towed agricultural machinery.

The challenge the client came to us with was that there was no suitable way to realise a ‘smart’ drive for a large and heavy hoe with a working width of about 10 – 12 metres behind the tractor.

The solution: a PTO-powered hydraulic drive unit.

Hydroos developed a ‘custom-made’ hydraulic drive unit for this purpose. The integrated hydraulic pump is driven by the tractor’s front PTO and has a capacity of up to 400 bar oil pressure. This creates a drive power of 80 to 100 hp for wheel drive.

Smart technology that communicates with the tractor.

The unit is equipped with its own computer control, which communicates with the tractor via ISOBUS. This has created a ‘smart system’, where both the driving direction and driving speed are automatically adjusted to that of the tractor. This minimises error sensitivity and maximises operator convenience.

Multifunctional use on multiple agricultural machines.

This drive unit is designed and made to be used in combination with various trailed implements. An implement can be selected in the computer, in combination with the corresponding wheel diameter. Based on this, the control and oil pressure are adjusted to achieve the right pulling power and driving speed.

Of course, the eye wants something too! Therefore, the installation is neatly finished with sheet metal and protective covers, and fitted with a toolbox, driving light s and safety markings.

The tractor is fitted with piping, which is carefully mounted and runs along the bottom of the chassis to the rear. However, with flexible pipework, the drive unit can also be used easily and quickly in combination with other tractors.

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